Inspiring Innate Love

By Hong Su-yang (洪素養), Yang Su-ping (楊素萍)
Abridged and translated by Leslie Han (韓世曦)
                                                 Nick Chen (陳鼎棋)

Inspiring Innate Love

By Hong Su-yang (洪素養), Yang Su-ping (楊素萍)
Abridged and translated by
Leslie Han (韓世曦)
Nick Chen (陳鼎棋)

A Tzu Chi volunteer brought Mr. Lin a gift to cheer him up. (Photo by Hong Su-yang)

Despite his tall and well-groomed appearance, Mr. Lin lives with moderate to severe physical and mental disabilities. He used to be a bus driver and had all kinds of bad habits: chewing betel nuts, heavy smoking, drinking, and the list goes on. "Back then, I smoked at least three packs of cigarettes a day. But then my health took a turn for the worse; I couldn't work anymore and lost my source of income," he recalled.

During these challenging times, Tzu Chi volunteers paid him a visit, where they noticed his low energy levels, slow movements, and dull eyes. Volunteer Dai Shu-yuan (戴淑元) described him as "a tall and timid child, unwilling to interact with others." To connect with him, the volunteers had to communicate through his mother, encouraging him to adopt a vegetarian diet and watch Da Ai TV.

Despite his height, Mr. Lin (center) does recycling agilely. (Photo by Hong Su-yang)

However, their support didn't end there. They continued to stand by him, going as far as arranging dental treatment at Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital when Mr. Lin lost several teeth. These efforts not only warmed his heart but also broke down his walls. Over time, he got used to their presence and became good friends with them.

One time, Mr. Lin went missing for days, and was later found in the hospital after a minor stroke. This crisis served as a wake-up call. After being discharged, he began to walk for exercise for over half an hour every day. Seeing his recovery, Dai happily invited him to join their recycling efforts, to which he immediately agreed. Whether it's sorting recyclables, stacking plastic bottles, or picking up trash on the streets, he adeptly handles it all.

Mr. Lin (center) goes with volunteers to do recycling on the streets. (Photo by Hong Su-yang)

Apart from joining the recycling work, Mr. Lin was also inspired by the volunteers to give with love. One day, when he came across someone in need, he pulled over to offer them money. In addition, after seeing a train derailment in Hualien that caused significant casualties on Da Ai TV in 2021, he not only donated NT$5,000 (US$166) but also decided to become a donating member, discontinuing his status as an aid recipient from Tzu Chi.

The volunteers' caring love and relentless efforts turned Mr. Lin's life around. From initially giving them a cold shoulder to now greeting them with a smile and actively participating in giving back, Mr. Lin exemplifies the power of positive change and the truth that it's more blessed to give than to receive.

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