Love Beyond Boundaries

Love Beyond Boundaries tells the stories of Tzu Chi's aid recipients in China and how their lives have been transformed after they crossed paths with Tzu Chi volunteers. The program also features in-depth reports on the aid projects that Tzu Chi carried out in China, such as building houses or schools in impoverished areas or places hit by disasters.

Care in Action

Tzu Chi is one of the largest charity organizations in Taiwan with volunteers all across the island helping people in need. By sharing these beautiful stories with the audience, Care in Action hopes to inspire more charity groups and kindhearted people to join Tzu Chi's effort in caring for more disadvantaged members of society who may not qualify for social benefits and resources.

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

Tzu Chi in Retrospect takes the audience to journey back in time along the path that Tzu Chi has taken for more than 50 years since its establishment in 1966. By inviting senior Tzu Chi members to recount heartwarming stories of people and events in Tzu Chi's history, the program allows the audience to not only relive those precious memories, but also gain a better understanding of Tzu Chi's work and the meaning behind it.

Da Ai Journal

Documenting inspiring stories of people and events around the world, Da Ai Journal brings home the innate beauty and goodness of human nature that many people have lost sight of for the wealth, fame and social status they are busy pursuing in life. Through these stories, the program hopes to remind the audience of the true value and meaning of life and what they can do to benefit others and the world.

Love Beyond Boundaries

Care in Action

The Grandma and Grandson
At 75, Liang Xie Wei took on the responsibility of raising her newborn grandson. Now, at 87, she finds herself less and less able to cater to his living needs. What should be the next step for them?
Friendship Beyond Age
While most young people opt to pursue opportunities in big cities, pharmacist Zhang Jin-ming chose to return to his hometown in a rural area to serve the local elderly residents. What led him to make such a choice?
Goodbye, Uncle

Living alone, Shen Yushan is almost 100 years old. His only wish is to return to his hometown in China. Would his wish come true?

A Life Without Regrets
Since a car accident left her husband unable to work, Zhang Xiu-jin has been supporting her family on her own. Despite that, she has no regrets and even seizes the opportunities to do volunteer work.
Life Is Like a Dream
After spending years working in Taipei alone to repay his debts, Zhou Hong-hua could finally reunite with his family. Yet, just as life seemed to be turning for the better, his family fell apart unexpectedly. Where would he find home again?
Envision My Own Later Years
Childless and advanced in age, 67-year-old You Cai-yun began to ponder what her later years might be like. By caring for other seniors who live alone, she finds answers and envisions those years ahead.
Until My Last Breath
Despite being diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer in 2018, Wang Zhang Sheng-mei insisted on continuing her volunteer work as long as she could to make every moment count.
An Uphill Cleanup
Living alone in the mountains, 78-year-old Li Tian-he has collected all kinds of discarded items in her house. To improve her living environment, a group of volunteers mobilized to help with the cleanup…

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

Saving Lives with Love

Around a year after the inauguration of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, a 14-year-old boy, severely injured by a pile of rocks, was brought there for treatment. Given the limited medical resources in eastern Taiwan at that time, how did the medical team manage to save the boy?

Building Water Cisterns in Gansu

Due to prolonged drought in Gansu, China, the locals often had to walk miles a day just to fetch water. To tackle the problem, in 18 years, Tzu Chi built 190,600 water cisterns in six counties, benefiting over 100,000 people.

Love in Turkey (Part 1)

In August 1999, when a major earthquake struck Turkey and caused great casualties, Tzu Chi volunteers who happened to conduct relief in nearby Kosovo immediately set off to provide aid, giving out 3,000 mattresses and 6,000 blankets to those affected.

Love in Turkey (Part 2)

In 1999, Turkey was struck by two major earthquakes, one in August and another in November. Despite the ongoing relief efforts since the previous quake, Tzu Chi members still ventured into the disaster area to provide aid after the quake in November.

The Project of Hope in South Africa Africa The Proje

Since Tzu Chi helped rebuild schools in Ladysmith, South Africa starting in 1997, the enrollment rate of local elementary school students has increased significantly. Why did Tzu Chi members decide to build a school there in the very beginning?

Features of Tzu Chi College of Medicine Features

As the only medical school in Taiwan founded by a Buddhist organization, Tzu Chi College of Medicine has been committed to nurturing loving doctors since its establishment in 1994. What unique features does it have?

The Construction of Tzu Chi College of Medicine

During the construction of Tzu Chi College of Medicine, there was a shortage of funds. When Dharma Master Cheng Yen called on Tzu Chi volunteers to raise money, a group of young helpers answered her call.

The Founding of Tzu Chi College of Medicine xxx

Before Tzu Chi College of Medicine was set up in 1994, what obstacles did Tzu Chi encounter, and what support did Dharma Master Cheng Yen give to the school during the first years after it was founded?

Da Ai Journal

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