Let Love Travel During COVID-19

July 2020

The pandemic has upended lives across the globe. Tzu Chi has been involved from the beginning, bringing relief to those impacted.

Forming a Line of Protection

May 2020

This series of articles spotlights the role of Tzu Chi volunteers in supplying protective gear and food in the fight against COVID-19 in Malaysia.

The Lockdown

March 2020

Read a first-person account from a resident of Wuhan, China, right before and after the city was locked down due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Helping Flood-Affected Lao Farmers Get Back on Their Feet

January 2020

Tzu Chi helped farmers in Laos who lost their crops to recent devastating floods rebuild their livelihoods.

Wise Words for a Good LifeWise Words

November 2019

Jing Si Aphorisms, a book that encapsulates the essence of Dharma Master Cheng Yen's teachings, celebrates its 30th birthday this year. This article chronicles the book's impact and how it grew from an idea to a bestseller.

Guided by Compassion–Serving the Needy in Jordan

September 2019

Tzu Chi volunteers have served needy people in Jordan for over two decades. They persist at their missions, day after day, year after year.

Survival Challenges for Orphans in Sierra Leone

July 2019

Many children in this poor country have lost their parents to natural disasters and a major Ebola virus epidemic. It is uncertain if these youngsters will survive to adulthood.

Aid to Mozambique

May 2019

Despite the crushing devastation after Cyclone Idai, volunteers worked hard to deliver aid supplies into the hands of disaster victims.

Penghu Garbage

March 2019

In Penghu County, which consists of an archipelago near Taiwan, Tzu Chi volunteers work hard to collect and recycle garbage.

Rohingya Refugees in Kuala Lumpur

January 2019

For more than ten years, Tzu Chi volunteers in Malaysia have been helping Rohingya refugees that have escaped persecution in Myanmar and settled in Malaysia.

After the Floods – Aid After a Dam Collapse in Laos

November 2018

A hydroelectric dam under construction in Laos collapsed amid heavy rains. More than 6,000 people were displaced.

Revisiting Sri Lanka

September 2018

Since the terrifying tsunami in 2004, Tzu Chi volunteers have often returned to help needy people there.

Ten Years Later

July 2018

Ten years ago, a devastating earthquake rocked Sichuan Province, China. It bore witness to how such catastrophes can bring out the best in people.

Home by a Garbage Dump

May 2018

Hundreds of families live by a 50-foot-high, 42-acre garbage dump on the outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique. Tragedy struck when heavy rains triggered a partial collapse of the dump.

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