Life Wisdom

Twelve minutes a day, 365 days a year, Life Wisdom encapsulates the essential messages from Dharma Master Cheng Yen's talks to Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide. In this daily program, the Master shares with the audience her views on major world events, Tzu Chi's work around the globe, inspiring stories of people and events, as well as the Buddha's teachings and how they can be practiced in everyday life.

Stories Told by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

A production of ink-wash animation, Stories Told by Dharma Master Cheng Yen features the Master telling folktales or stories from Buddhist scriptures and concluding each episode with her words that offer the audience much food for thought. With captivating storylines and lifelike animated images, the program is welcomed by viewers both young and old alike.

Wisdom at Dawn

Hailed as the king of all sutras, the Lotus Sutra contains the true Dharma expounded by the Buddha in his later years. In the Sutra, the Buddha affirms that all living beings can attain Buddhahood and encourages everyone to walk the Bodhisattva Path by benefiting others. Listen to Master Cheng Yen expounding the Lotus Sutra in Wisdom at Dawn and bathe in the Dharma bliss of one of the most important and influential teachings of the Buddha.

Essence of the Bodhi Mind

Essence of the Bodhi Mind is a weekly program that explores various topics from world events, social and environmental problems, to interpersonal relations, family issues, and more. Twenty-four minutes an episode, the program not only presents actual examples to illustrate the topic of the week, but also pinpoints the views of Dharma Master Cheng Yen, experts and scholars on the topic for viewers to reflect upon and derive insights from.

Life Wisdom

October 1, 2023

In Praise of Tzu Chi's Documenting Volunteers

September 30, 2023

Tzu Chi Singapore—Three Decades of Unwavering Dedication

September 29, 2023

Transforming Nepal Through Education

September 28, 2023

Educating Students to Nurture Their Wisdom-Life

September 27, 2023

Tzu Chi Indonesia—Thirty Years of Selfless Giving

September 26, 2023

Practicing Giving with True Diligence

September 25, 2023

Seize the Affinity of the Bodhisattva Path

September 24, 2023

Speak Good Words to Spread Love Around the World

Stories Told by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

A Letter of Divorce aaa aaa aa

Lu Mengzheng, a prominent statesman in ancient China, once earned a living by writing couplets on the streets. One day, an angry man came and asked Lu to write a letter of divorce for him…

The Misfortune of a Woman aaa aaa aa

Once, there was a family of four. The wife, about to give birth, was accompanied by her husband and children as they set out for her parents' home. However, a series of tragic misfortunes struck along the way…

The Story of the Big Basket aaa aaa aa

Tired of caring for his elderly father, a man carried him up a mountain and left him there. Upon learning why his grandfather was abandoned, what did the man's son say that made the man instantly turn back to look for his father?

Please Lend Me a Dollar aaa aaa aa

When a man of high social status was rushed to the hospital, he saw the King of Hell in his dream and begged for his life. The king agreed but asked for a dollar as bail. Yet, after searching in his pockets, he realized that he didn't even have a dollar…

The Tight-fisted Princess aaa aaa aa

King Ashoka had a daughter who always kept her right fist clenched. One day, the king gently opened up her palm, only to discover a coin there. Moreover, each time the coin was taken away, another would reappear…

The Magician's Tricksaaaaaaaaaaaaa

During a magic performance, a boy climbed up the rope to heaven to fetch peaches. Yet, he disappeared when the rope suddenly broke. Not long after, a peach fell from the sky, followed by the boy's head, hands, and feet…

The Stingy Birdaaaaaaaaaaaaa

At a farm, a little bird would cry loudly whenever someone approached to pick fruits. Once, a large group of people came, and the bird cried so fiercely that it eventually coughed up blood and died. Why did this happen?

The Elder Who Lost His Son

Grieved at the passing of his beloved son, an elder embarked on a journey to find him. Would he be able to see his son once more and bring him back?

Wisdom at Dawn

E1514.Dust Particles as Analogy for a Lifespan
E1513.The Three Bodies Are Unhindered
E1512.The Buddha's Three Bodies Pervade the Universe
E1511.The Buddha's Revelation of Secrets
E1510.Gradually Enter the Buddha Wisdom Through Faith
E1509.He Thrice Admonished the Assembly
E1508.Believing in the Tathagata's Genuine Words
E1507.Maitreya's Doubts and the Buddha's Lifespan

Essence of the Bodhi Mind

Practicing the Dharma in the World
Year End Family Gathering and Tzu Chi's Winter Distribution
The Music of Tzu Chi Fills the World
Managing Our Minds: The Precepts as Our Teacher
Transforming Karma into Blessings
Attaining Liberation Through Penetrating the Dharma
Skillful Means Reveal Ultimate Truth
Benefiting the World by Practicing Filial Piety

Words of Wisdom for Life

by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

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