Inconvenient but Crucial: Cutting Down on Plastic

November 2019

There is an increasing awareness to reduce plastic consumption in Taiwan, but more action is still needed in all levels of society.

Trees: Assets or Obstacles?

October 2019

Trees have long been part of people's lives in Taiwan. But, many see them as obstacles to rural development. Is this really the case?

Lessons from the 921 Earthquake

September 2019

Twenty years after the catastrophic 921 Earthquake devastated Taiwan, there are still lessons to learn from the disaster.

Creating an Age-friendly Society

August 2019

As Taiwan's aging population continues to grow, time banks and work exchange within communities have become significant support systems for senior care.

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Documentary

July 2019

A documentary film director shares her tips and experiences on how to tell a good story through documentary filmmaking.

Mozambique's Long Road to Recovery after Idai

June 2019

After the catastrophic Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique in March 2019, local survivors struggle to get back on their feet in a country ridden with poverty and inequality. Read about the disaster's impact and what Tzu Chi has been doing to help those affected rebuild their lives.

After Cyclone Idai: Finding Hope in Mozambique

May 2019

After one of Africa's worst tropical cyclones wreaked havoc in Mozambique, a group of local Tzu Chi volunteers bring renewed hope to the country.

Tzu Chi's Relief Efforts Help Myanmar Get Back on Its Feet

April 2019

Torrential rains in Myanmar during July and August 2018 caused a dam to breach and multiple rivers to flood, destroying much farmland. In November, Tzu Chi gave out mung bean seeds to affected farmers. Now, the farmers are having a good harvest.

A Lifetime of Dedication to Traditional Embroidery

February 2019

Honored as a national treasure of Taiwan, Lavaus has devoted most of her life to her passion—the traditional art of aboriginal embroidery. By creating art pieces and teaching embroidery techniques, she hopes to pass on this disappearing art and legacy of her people for generations to come.

Transforming the Second Home of Office Workers

January 2019

The majority of office workers in Taiwan can only make do with poorly ventilated working environments. Forty-five percent of them surveyed expressed that their working environment has made them less healthy both mentally and physically.

Breathing New Life into Old Apartment Buildings

November 2018

A major part of Taiwan's urban housing landscape, decades-old apartment buildings now face the possibility of being demolished in the name of modernization.

The Story of Chinese New Villages in Malaysia

October 2018

If you walk into a market at eight o'clock in the morning, your attention will immediately be drawn to the vegetable vendors' loud yelling. Apart from produce, you can also find authentic Cantonese wonton noodles soup, Hakka chitterling, Hainan toast, or Malaysian flatbread and pulled tea in the market.

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