Love Beyond Boundaries

Love Beyond Boundaries tells the stories of Tzu Chi's aid recipients in China and how their lives have been transformed after they crossed paths with Tzu Chi volunteers. The program also features in-depth reports on the aid projects that Tzu Chi carried out in China, such as building houses or schools in impoverished areas or places hit by disasters.

Care in Action

Tzu Chi is one of the largest charity organizations in Taiwan with volunteers all across the island helping people in need. By sharing these beautiful stories with the audience, Care in Action hopes to inspire more charity groups and kindhearted people to join Tzu Chi's effort in caring for more disadvantaged members of society who may not qualify for social benefits and resources.

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

Tzu Chi in Retrospect takes the audience to journey back in time along the path that Tzu Chi has taken for more than 50 years since its establishment in 1966. By inviting senior Tzu Chi members to recount heartwarming stories of people and events in Tzu Chi's history, the program allows the audience to not only relive those precious memories, but also gain a better understanding of Tzu Chi's work and the meaning behind it.

Da Ai Journal

Documenting inspiring stories of people and events around the world, Da Ai Journal brings home the innate beauty and goodness of human nature that many people have lost sight of for the wealth, fame and social status they are busy pursuing in life. Through these stories, the program hopes to remind the audience of the true value and meaning of life and what they can do to benefit others and the world.

Love Beyond Boundaries

Care in Action

Xiao-hei's Transformation

Due to the lack of parents' care, Xiao-hei dropped out of school in his teens. Now, at 28, he'll soon graduate from college. What has motivated him to go back to school?

My Children

After his wife fell ill, Chen Ying-zheng worked hard to raise his six children while his two eldest daughters took on the role of a mother to care for their one-year-old brother. Ten years have passed, how has the family been?

A Blessing in Disguise

Due to her husband's poor health, A-xiang from China has been supporting her family by selling buns, rice dumplings and tofu products in the park. Although she doesn't earn much a day, she is content with what she has and is willing to give.

Paying Love Forward

Years ago, a fire destroyed A-zhong's house. Coupled with an instable income, life was difficult for his family. But now, A-zhong and his daughter are able to help others in need. What is it that has turned their life around?

A Life of Boundless Possibilities
Being bedridden for over ten years after an accident at work, Jiang Yong-xu had lost the will to live. But now, he makes a living by doing mouth painting and selling goods online. What has motivated him to turn his life around?
My Hefty Lover
Weighing 280 kg (or 617 lbs), Wu Sheng-fu hadn't stepped out of his home for over a year. As he strived to lose weight, his live-in girlfriend had major surgery. How were they going to help and support each other?
My Dearest Grandpa

After Xu Yi-xuan's grandma passed away, she insists on taking care of her grandpa instead of sending him to a senior home. But for that to be possible, they first have to improve their living conditions.

A Father's Unconditional Love

Shi Shu-lian has been taking care of his daughter with multiple disabilities for over 30 years. With his old age and health problems, he has no choice but to send her to a nursing home. Even so, he still visits her thrice a week.

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

Hope for Northern Thailand

As a continuation of a three-year relief program, Tzu Chi built its first oversea school in Chiangmai, Northern Thailand, providing elementary education to children in the area.

Record-breaking Fundraiser

On December 25, 1991, Tzu Chi organized a charity fair to raise funds for flood victims in China. The event garnered so much support that it broke several fundraising records in Taiwan.

Tzu Chi's Bone Marrow Registry

Why did Tzu Chi accept the Taiwanese government's commission to set up a bone marrow registry in 1993? What made Master Cheng Yen decide to take on such a major task?

Taichung Tzu Chi Office

Originated in eastern Taiwan, how did Tzu Chi spread to Taichung, western Taiwan and eventually set up a Tzu Chi office there?

Hospital Volunteers Hospital Volunteers

When a gangster is hospitalized and is acting up in his ward, what can hospital volunteers do to calm him down?

Mission of Environmental Protection Mission of Environmental

A speech Master Cheng Yen gave in 1990 inadvertently led to the beginning of Tzu Chi's work in environmental protection. What did she say to inspire the audience to take up recycling?

Master Cheng Yen's First Public Speeches

In 1990, Master Cheng Yen was invited to give a series of public talks across Taiwan. How did Tzu Chi volunteers prepare for the large-scale events?

Tzu Chi Commissioners (Part Two) Tzu Chi Commissioners

When did the first training sessions for Tzu Chi commissioners take place, and how has Tzu Chi volunteers' training evolved over the years?

Da Ai Journal

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