Love Beyond Boundaries

Love Beyond Boundaries tells the stories of Tzu Chi's aid recipients in China and how their lives have been transformed after they crossed paths with Tzu Chi volunteers. The program also features in-depth reports on the aid projects that Tzu Chi carried out in China, such as building houses or schools in impoverished areas or places hit by disasters.

Care in Action

Tzu Chi is one of the largest charity organizations in Taiwan with volunteers all across the island helping people in need. By sharing these beautiful stories with the audience, Care in Action hopes to inspire more charity groups and kindhearted people to join Tzu Chi's effort in caring for more disadvantaged members of society who may not qualify for social benefits and resources.

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

Tzu Chi in Retrospect takes the audience to journey back in time along the path that Tzu Chi has taken for more than 50 years since its establishment in 1966. By inviting senior Tzu Chi members to recount heartwarming stories of people and events in Tzu Chi's history, the program allows the audience to not only relive those precious memories, but also gain a better understanding of Tzu Chi's work and the meaning behind it.

Da Ai Journal

Documenting inspiring stories of people and events around the world, Da Ai Journal brings home the innate beauty and goodness of human nature that many people have lost sight of for the wealth, fame and social status they are busy pursuing in life. Through these stories, the program hopes to remind the audience of the true value and meaning of life and what they can do to benefit others and the world.

Love Beyond Boundaries

Care in Action

My Third Girlfriend
Lin Long-hui had two girlfriends but has never been married. Now he has a third one whom he loves dearly. Who is the lucky girl?
You'll Always Be My Baby
It's been 35 years since a fever left Shi Xin-hong with brain damage at the age of 10. Over the years, who has been taking care of him willingly and lovingly?
Dinner Together
After suffering from domestic violence for 30 years, Chien Shu-yuan decided to leave her husband and do something meaningful in life.
Starting Life Anew
With restricted mobility and burn scars on her face, Li Xiu-zu has led an isolated life for years. How does she step out of her house and regain confidence in herself?
Young at Heart
Using recyclables as musical instruments, 79-year-old Wang Heng-yi organized a band for the seniors in his community to keep them active.
Baby Steps Back Home
By participating in a musical adaptation of a Buddhist sutra, many prison inmates have found faith and started to take small steps towards a different future.
Grandma A-fen's Recyclables
Grandma A-fen loved hoarding so many recyclables in her house that she had to sleep on the corner of her bed. How did Tzu Chi volunteers step in to help?
A Life of Courage and Love
Xu Mei-feng escaped from years of domestic abuse only to be stricken down by illnesses. What does she do to cope with all the hardship she endures?

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

E35.Mission of Environmental Protection

A speech Master Cheng Yen gave in 1990 inadvertently led to the beginning of Tzu Chi's work in environmental protection. What did she say to inspire the audience to take up recycling?

E34.Master Cheng Yen's First Public Speeches

In 1990, Master Cheng Yen was invited to give a series of public talks across Taiwan. How did Tzu Chi volunteers prepare for the large-scale events?

E33.Tzu Chi Commissioners (Part Two)

When did the first training sessions for Tzu Chi commissioners take place, and how has Tzu Chi volunteers' training evolved over the years?

E32.Tzu Chi Commissioners (Part One)

What does it mean to be a Tzu Chi commissioner? What training is required to become a commissioner?

E31.Tzu Chi Moms and DadsTzu Chi Moms

In every Tzu Chi school, there are volunteers caring for the students as if they were their own children, and these volunteers are affectionately referred to as Tzu Chi moms and dads.

E30.Tzu Cheng Members

There were only eight male volunteers when Tzu Chi first started. How did they become the "Tzu Cheng" we know of today?

E29.Journey Back Home

Before train services to eastern Taiwan became widely available, how did Tzu Chi volunteers manage to go to Jing Si Abode, the spiritual home for all Tzu Chi volunteers?

E28.Mission of Education

How did Tzu Chi start its mission of education? Why did Dharma Master Cheng Yen decide to build a nursing school?

Da Ai Journal