A Journey of Forgiveness

Compiled by Eddie Huang (黃永平)
                        Connie Chen (陳慷妮)

A Journey of Forgiveness

Compiled by Eddie Huang (黃永平)
                        Connie Chen (陳慷妮)

When Lin Xiu-qin and Li Chuan-dao first got married, Lin always prioritized her husband and took great care of him in every possible way. (Photo from Da Ai TV)

Lin Xiu-qin (林秀琴) was 24 years old when she married Li Chuan-dao (李傳禱), the man of her dreams. She anticipated a life of happiness and fulfillment from then on; however, barely a year later, her husband's infidelity shattered her world. She tried everything to win him back, but nothing seemed to make a difference. Love turned into resentment, and she contemplated taking her own life along with her husband's…

Lin was born in 1953 in a rural area in Tainan, Taiwan. She left home at a young age and worked at a beauty salon in Taipei. When she first laid eyes on Li, she was immediately captivated by his stylish attire and handsome looks. Despite feeling like a "country bumpkin" compared to the fashionable women Li usually preferred, she nonetheless caught the attention of Li's mother, who took a liking to Lin because of her simple and thrifty nature. Thus, Li complied with his mother's wishes and started dating Lin. After four years of dating, Li's parents sent a matchmaker to propose marriage. Despite initial opposition, Lin's father eventually gave his blessing to the couple.

"I've had three nose jobs, which cost me over NT$100,000 (approximately US$3,300). I didn't have allergies before, but now I do," Lin shared. (Photo from Da Ai TV)

Once married, Lin devoted herself to nurturing their relationship, hoping that they would live happily ever after. However, their marriage began to crumble just over a year later when Li started coming home late. When Lin gave birth to their first child, she was heartbroken to find herself alone in the hospital, waiting for her husband. Determined to win him back, she went to great lengths, hiring private investigators to track his whereabouts and seeking advice from fortunetellers about her predicament. She even underwent plastic surgeries in an attempt to improve her appearance and regain her husband's attention. However, despite her efforts, all was in vain. Overwhelmed by her husband's repeated infidelity, she was driven to the brink of despair and even contemplated taking her own life along with his.

At this lowest point in her life, Lin's beloved father passed away. One day, while passing by a bakery, she saw on the wall a portrait of Dharma Master Cheng Yen (證嚴上人), the founder of Tzu Chi. Intrigued, she struck up a conversation with the bakery owner and his wife, both of whom happened to be Tzu Chi volunteers. As their conversation unfolded, the owner's wife shared Tzu Chi's radio program schedule with Lin and encouraged her to tune in.

Feeling lost and in need of guidance, Lin turned on the radio and was greeted by the words of Master Cheng Yen. "In a marriage, regardless of whether the husband is good or not, one must accept their fate. Do not envy others for having a loving and caring husband. Each person's karmic affinities from the past are different, so you must accept your own fate."

Lin has been sharing her life story with others, hoping to inspire people with her own experience. (Photo by Li Shu-hui)

Lin had always held grudges against her husband, believing that he had wronged her. However, after listening to the words of Master Cheng Yen, she realized that it was her own karma that had led him to become her husband. From that moment on, her heart gradually opened and she started to let go of her resentment towards her husband.

Lin began actively participating in activities with Tzu Chi volunteers, including recycling work and home visits to people in need. Through these experiences, she came to realize how fortunate she was, as countless people in the world faced far more desperate circumstances than she did. Over the years since she became a certified Tzu Chi volunteer in 1995, Lin has continued to do recycling work, serve at hospitals, and visit those in need. Her husband has also gradually embraced Tzu Chi's vision and even helped raise funds, and it is Lin's dearest wish that she and her husband will one day serve together as Tzu Chi volunteers.

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