Love Beyond Boundaries

Love Beyond Boundaries tells the stories of Tzu Chi's aid recipients in China and how their lives have been transformed after they crossed paths with Tzu Chi volunteers. The program also features in-depth reports on the aid projects that Tzu Chi carried out in China, such as building houses or schools in impoverished areas or places hit by disasters.

Care in Action

Tzu Chi is one of the largest charity organizations in Taiwan with volunteers all across the island helping people in need. By sharing these beautiful stories with the audience, Care in Action hopes to inspire more charity groups and kindhearted people to join Tzu Chi's effort in caring for more disadvantaged members of society who may not qualify for social benefits and resources.

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

Tzu Chi in Retrospect takes the audience to journey back in time along the path that Tzu Chi has taken for more than 50 years since its establishment in 1966. By inviting senior Tzu Chi members to recount heartwarming stories of people and events in Tzu Chi's history, the program allows the audience to not only relive those precious memories, but also gain a better understanding of Tzu Chi's work and the meaning behind it.

Da Ai Journal

Documenting inspiring stories of people and events around the world, Da Ai Journal brings home the innate beauty and goodness of human nature that many people have lost sight of for the wealth, fame and social status they are busy pursuing in life. Through these stories, the program hopes to remind the audience of the true value and meaning of life and what they can do to benefit others and the world.

Love Beyond Boundaries

Care in Action

You're My One and Only
For over a decade, 85-year-old Lin Da-qin has been caring for his son who is paralyzed and bedridden. Unwilling to send his son to a nursing home, how can Lin keep looking after his son?
Thank You for Your Love
Li Yi-hui and her husband used to run a massage studio and had a happy family. After her husband was diagnosed with cancer and lost the battle two years later, the heavy financial burden almost crushed Li.
Will You Marry Me Again in the Next Life?

Despite suffering from degenerative joint disease of the knee, A-yong still has to care for his bed-ridden wife who has had cancer along with several other conditions for over a decade.

The Vegetarian Chef
Fifty-two-year-old Chen Tian-long was a chef at a vegetarian restaurant until he suffered a spine injury in a car accident. With restricted mobility and inability to speak, he could only work eight days a month and was in dire need of help.
An Entrepreneur's Effort to Promote Vegetarianism
To encourage his factory workers to go vegetarian, Lin Kun-wang provides them with free vegetarian meals every day. What obstacles has he encountered? How has he tackled them and persisted in his effort to promote vegetarianism?
A Foreign Bride's Wish
Zheng Yanhui from China has been supporting her family all by herself since her husband fell ill. She hopes to get a motorcycle license so it's easier to find a job and take her husband to hospital. However, being illiterate, how is she going to take the test and get a license?
A Bone Marrow Donor's Love
Miss Lin, a matched bone marrow donor, is going to get her fourth human growth hormone injection today, and then she is ready to have her bone marrow harvested tomorrow. Why is she willing to go through so much trouble to help others?
Guardians of the Needy
Sixty-five-year-old Ye Mei-yu suffers from cervical cancer and lung cancer. Due to diabetics, her husband is undergoing dialysis treatment. Tzu Chi volunteers visit them once a month, and today the volunteers have one more task to do — repair the front door of their house.

Tzu Chi in Retrospect

E16.Tzu Chi's Honorary Board Members

On August 16, 1986, the first batch of Tzu Chi's honorary board members was certified. What does it mean to be an honorary board member of Tzu Chi? How did this system come about?

E15.The First Fundraiser for the Hospital

As the news of a young nun's vow to build a hospital spread, many people donated jewelry and other valuable items to help with the project. Master Cheng Yen then thought of a better idea to raise funds for the hospital.

E14.Raising Funds for the Hospital

Having made the decision to build a hospital, how was Master Cheng Yen to raise funds for constructing the large-scale general hospital she had in mind, given that Tzu Chi had only around 100 volunteers and 10,000 donating members at the time?

E13.Building a Hospital

When carrying out charity work, Master Cheng Yen realized that poverty and illness form a vicious cycle, inspiring her to build a hospital for the needy. But first, she had to find a suitable land for the hospital.

E12.The Seeds of Tzu Chi

Being the son of the first Tzu Chi volunteers in Taidong, Wang Shou-rong grew up watching his parents helping others all the time. Years later when he moved to another town, he also started Tzu Chi's work and became the first seed of Tzu Chi there.

E11.Bamboo Coin Banks

In Myanmar, more than 1,500 farming households save up rice from every meal to help people worse off than them. How did this practice of the poor helping the poor get started?

E10.Building Houses for the Needy

In 1967, one year after Tzu Chi was founded, Dharma Master Cheng Yen decided to build a house for a poor elderly man who lived all by himself, making it the first permanent house Tzu Chi built for the less fortunate.

E09.Principles of Relief Work

In 1973, Tzu Chi carried out its first major disaster relief for typhoon survivors in Taiwan. What are the main principles of Tzu Chi's relief work? Why does Tzu Chi always provide support directly to people in need?

Da Ai Journal

Weaving a Social Safety Net with Love
A hero in their own right, social workers bend over backward to help the underprivileged. Here is a look at how volunteers from local community groups can work together with them to better the society.
Online Platforms that Pass On Love
Through online platforms, more and more used assistive devices, after being repaired and refurbished, can be put to good use to help those in need.
A Community for Seniors Amid COVID-19
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a district in Taipei, Taiwan continues to offer meals and activities for its senior residents as a way to look after them.
Support for Health Care Workers Amid COVID-19
The top management of a hospital in Taipei, Taiwan offers support and encouragement to its medical staff who are facing additional workload and emotional stress during the pandemic.
Crossing Barriers
In 2015, over a million people fleeing from wars and conflicts arrived in Europe, unfolding a refugee crisis in the continent. On their arduous journey, these refugees struggle to overcome all kinds of barriers in search of a promised land of peace and safety.
The Sky in Aceh, Indonesia
In 2004, a massive earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia, triggering a tsunami that claimed about 228,000 lives. Over ten years later, how have people in the affected areas rebuilt their homes and lives?
A Gift from the Heart
Erratic climate conditions have brought about more disasters with ever increasing frequency and intensity. Thanks to modern technology, disaster relief efforts have also diversified to tackle different situations.
Sing Along, Tacloban!
To help the people of Tacloban, Philippines recover from Typhoon Haiyan, Tzu Chi volunteers launched a cash-for-work program to clean up the disaster areas and built houses and schools for those affected.

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