This handsome boy is Abid from Jakarta, Indonesia. At first sight, you may find him just like any other boys in your neighborhood. But on a closer look, you'll see that his right eye is a bit different.

Abid's mother, Sahanaya, recalled that it all began with just a red eye. At first, she thought it was just an eye infection, so she bought eye drops from a drugstore, which only caused Abid more pain. After some time, Abid's eye ball began to bulge out. When Sahanaya took him to the hospital, the doctor diagnosed him with terminal eye cancer.

At the time, Abid's parents could not afford the surgery he needed, so his treatment was suspended. It wasn't until several months later when a friend helped enroll Abid in a national insurance program that he was finally able to resume his treatment, receive chemotherapy, and gradually recover. In September 2022, Abid's doctor announced that he was cancer-free.

To help Abid become more confident, his parents decided to let him wear a fake eye. Although Abid is still shy, he is more at ease than before, and is now able to ride a bike and go back to school.