In 2010, when Mageswari began receiving dialysis at Tzu Chi's free dialysis center in Penang, Malaysia, her husband abandoned her and their four children. "I thought I would be strong, but I acted like a crazy woman," remembered Mageswari. "I also thought about taking my own life, but I didn't do it because if I died, no one would take care of my children." Suffering brings about wisdom. She chose to forgive and began volunteering with Tzu Chi. "Although I am a patient, I want to be a useful patient by helping others," said Mageswari. She even signed up to be a body donor. At first, her children didn't agree. But Mageswari assured them, "If I know my body can help at least ten medical students to learn, I'll be very happy." Her wish was fulfilled when she passed away in November 2021. Mageswari's daughter, Vaishevve, said, "Now I understand how my mom will benefit future doctors. I am very proud of her."