Struggling to Survive

November 2019

Half a year after Cyclone Idai hit Africa, severe water shortage remains critical in Mozambican disaster areas. Every day, residents still employ traditional methods in their search for water sources. Their efforts to survive are testaments of their determination to live on.

A Journey of Love in Ecuador

October 2019

After a massive earthquake struck Ecuador in 2016, Tzu Chi volunteers quickly arrived to help and, together with the locals, have since embarked on a remarkable journey of rebuilding the country.

Footprints of Love from the 921 Earthquake

September 2019

On the fateful early hours of September 21, 1999, a catastrophic earthquake shook central Taiwan. "What can I do to help?" was the first thing that came to the minds of Tzu Chi volunteers.

Love in the Desert

August 2019

With love and compassion as their GPS, Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan have never failed to locate the suffering and bring them the aid they need.

An Enlightening Visit to a Recycling Station

July 2019

With over 10,000 people visiting each year, Tzu Chi's recycling station in Taipei's Neihu District offers informative tours for visitors to learn about Tzu Chi's recycling work and eco-friendly choices one can make in daily life.

When My Parents Argue…

June 2019

Whose side should children take when their parents argue? Here are some ways to avoid such a tricky situation altogether.

Zimbabwe After Cyclone Idai

May 2019

In March, Cyclone Idai devastated the mountainous district of Chimanimani in eastern Zimbabwe. As the disaster altered the area's landscape and people's lives, Tzu Chi volunteers do what they can to tide the locals over.

Transforming the Lives of Farmers in Myanmar

April 2019

Taking out loans to grow crops and paying back after harvest has been a common practice among Myanmar farmers for generations. With natural disasters hit one after the other, how are the farmers to break their cycle of debt and poverty?

Safeguarding the Health of Taiwan's Foreign Workers

March 2019

Foreign workers are part of an important workforce in Taiwan. To care for their health and wellbeing, Tzu Chi has been holding free clinics for them for more than a decade.

I'm Worried that My Child Has No Friends…

February 2019

What can parents do when their child has no friends or is even bullied in school? A former teacher suggests some ways to support a child through this difficult situation.

True Care Comes from the Heart

January 2019

As low-income families anguish over basic living expenses, medical costs, tuition fees, among others, regular support, material and emotional alike, from a charity group goes a long way.

Alone But Not Lonely

November 2018

Be it a deliberate choice or forced circumstances, elderly people living alone without the company of family members have become an issue of public concern.

Thank You for Being There

October 2018

In June 2012, after days of torrential rain hit Taiwan, Tzu Chi volunteers were the first to bring hot meals to those affected by the flooding in Budai, Jiayi. In 2018, when serious flooding struck again, the locals had faith that Tzu Chi volunteers would soon go to their aid again…

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